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The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre is the global leader in the provision of data and analysis on internal displacement. Since 1998, we have offered a rigorous, transparent and independent service to the international community to inform policy and operational decisions that can improve the lives of people living in, or at risk of, internal displacement.

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Global Report

This year’s Global Report on Internal Displacement explores why so many countries still struggle despite 20 years of international, regional and national policy efforts and investments.

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#Syria: A family of 11 escapes hostilities in eastern Ghouta - latest article for #GP20 campaign from @UNOCHA: https://t.co/BHTmWNTqQm
#FF: We're proud to partner with @fhi360 on the #GP20 campaign to address the issue of #internaldisplacement and im… https://t.co/zLrqnqystV