Country Profiles

As of the end of 2017, 40 million people were recorded displaced due to conflict and violence in 57 countries and 1 territory monitored by IDMC. In addition, we estimate that around 8.5 million individuals are in a situation where they remain in conditions of vulnerability related to their displacement. They may have found provisional, but not durable solutions to their displacement and therefore should still be considered and kept on record.

In 2017, a total of 30.6 million new displacements were recorded in 135 countries. Of these, 11.8 new conflict displacements were recorded in 57 countries and 18.8 million new disaster displacements in 134 countries.

IDMC provides internal displacement data for all countries monitored throughout the year. Clicking on a given country on the map will lead you to the country-specific data. In addition, short overviews of drivers, patterns and impacts of displacement are provided for countries with large numbers of protracted or new displacements.


IDMC provides data for all countries that are monitored throughout the year. In addition, a short overview of context, drivers and patterns of displacement, and of priority needs and vulnerabilities is presented for countries with particularly large numbers of new and protracted situations of internal displacement.