Country Information

Population UN Population Division (as of 2016)
Total number of IDPs (Conflict and violence) IDMC (as of 31 December 2016)
Refugees UNHCR (as of 2016)

Conflict and violence displacement figures

Latest GRID confidence assessment

Displacement type IDPs (Stock)
Reporting units People
Methodology Registration
Geographical disaggregation Country/territory - admin 0
Geographical coverage No
Frequency of reporting Unknown
Disaggregation on sex Yes
Disaggregation on age Yes
Data triangulation No triangulation
Data on settlement elsewhere Yes
Data on returns No
Data on local integration No
Data on deaths No
Data on births No

Latest GRID figures analysis

This estimate is based on data reported directly by the Government of Azerbaijan from which we have subtracted a number of individuals who have returned to their place of origin as reported by NRC.

Latest GRID stock figure by year of data update

Disaster displacement figures

New displacements