Mid-year update 2017 (January - June)

New displacements (Conflict and violence) IDMC (1 January - 30 June 2017)

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Country Information

Population UN Population Division (as of 2016)
Total number of IDPs (Conflict and violence) IDMC (as of 31 December 2016)
New displacements (Conflict and violence) IDMC (1 January - 31 December 2016)
Refugees UNHCR (as of 2016)

Conflict and violence displacement figures

Latest GRID confidence assessment

Displacement type New Displacement (Flow) IDPs (Stock)
Reporting units People
Methodology Registration
Key informants
Key informants
Geographical disaggregation Subnational - admin 1 Subnational - admin 1
Geographical coverage Yes No
Frequency of reporting Every 3 months Every 3 months
Disaggregation on sex Yes Yes
Disaggregation on age Yes Yes
Data triangulation Some local triangulation Some local triangulation
Data on settlement elsewhere Yes Yes
Data on returns No Yes
Data on local integration Yes Yes
Data on deaths Yes No
Data on births Yes No

Latest GRID figures analysis

These figures refer to displacement triggered by the regional crisis caused by the Boko Haram insurgency, which has affected several countries in the Lake Chad Basin. The Far North region of Cameroon is the most heavily affected of the country due to its geographical position in between Nigeria and Chad.

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Latest GRID stock figure by year of data update

Disaster displacement figures

New displacements