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Displacement type IDPs (Stock) New Displacement (Flow)
Reporting units
Key informants
Media monitoring
Geographical disaggregation Subnational - admin 1 Subnational - admin 1
Geographical coverage Partial coverage Partial coverage
Frequency of reporting Other Other
Disaggregation on sex No No
Disaggregation on age No No
Data triangulation Some local triangulation Some local triangulation
Data on settlement elsewhere No No
Data on returns No No
Data on local integration No No
Data on deaths No No
Data on births No No

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IDMC's estimates include a number of caseloads: those displaced by inter-communal violence or insurgency-related violence between 1998 and 2004 and have since been unable or unwilling to return; those displaced between 2007 and 2013 by attacks against religious minorities and who have since failed to return; those forcibly evicted due to land conflicts; those displaced due to the long-running separatist conflict in Papua; and those displaced by electoral violence in 2017. We collected data from various sources, including government agencies, international NGOs, UN agencies and media outlets.

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