Papua New Guinea

Country information

Latest GRID confidence assessment
Displacement type IDPs (Stock) New Displacement (Flow) Return (Flow)
Reporting units
Key informants
Key informants
Geographical disaggregation Subnational - admin 1 Subnational - admin 1 Unknown
Geographical coverage Partial coverage Partial coverage Unknown
Frequency of reporting Upon request Other No update
Disaggregation on sex No No No
Disaggregation on age No No No
Data triangulation No Triangulation No Triangulation No Triangulation
Data on settlement elsewhere No Partial No
Data on returns No No No
Data on local integration No No No
Data on deaths No No No
Data on births No No No

Latest figures analysis

IDMC’s estimate is based on data released by the IOM DTM office in Papua New Guinea. Given the access constraints and the lack of additional sources to compare figures with, these numbers should be considered as conservative estimates.

Download GRID extended figures analysis (PDF, 205 KB)

Latest GRID stock figure by year of data update