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Population UN Population Division (as of 2016)
Number of IDPs (Conflict and violence) IDMC (as of 2016)
New displacements (Conflict and violence) IDMC (as of 2016)
New displacements (Disasters) IDMC (as of 2016)
Refugees UNHCR (as of 2015)

Conflict and violence displacement figures

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IDMC’s displacement estimates for Sudan are based on reports obtained from OCHA and partner organisations. This data refers to aid distribution to internally displaced people across the country. The most affected areas are Darfur (with close to 2 million IDPs) and South Kordofan (more than 200,000). Data collection in Sudan is severely hindered by a lack of access to certain areas, where armed groups have blocked or even attacked aid and humanitarian agencies, meaning IDMC’s estimate likely understates the magnitude of displacement within the country.

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