Risk of future displacement

Average expected number of displacements per year – for sudden-onset hazards:

IDMC uses information about the probability of future hazard scenarios to model displacement risk based on probable housing destruction. Find out how we calculate our metrics here and explore the likelihood of future displacement around the world here.

Latest GRID confidence assessment
Displacement type New Displacement (Flow) IDPs (Stock)
Reporting units
Media monitoring
Media monitoring
Geographical disaggregation Admin 2 or more Admin 2 or more
Geographical coverage Partial coverage Partial coverage
Frequency of reporting Other Other
Disaggregation on sex No No
Disaggregation on age No No
Data triangulation Some local triangulation Some local triangulation
Data on settlement elsewhere No No
Data on returns No No
Data on local integration No No
Data on deaths No No
Data on births No No

Latest figures analysis

The new displacement estimate is based on media monitoring and corresponds to three instances of intercommunal clashes. The stock figure is a combination of new displacements in 2017 and new displacements in 2016 as IDMC did not receive any proof that these people had returned home or had achieved any other durable solution. The stock figure is significantly lower compared to that of last year's as we removed a protracted caseload of 30,000 people and account for them under the Provisional Solutions category due to the reception of updated information on their situation.

Download GRID extended figures analysis (PDF, 368 KB)

Latest GRID stock figure by year of data update

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