Uzbekistan IDP Figures Analysis

IDMC estimates that there are at least 3,400 IDPs in Uzbekistan as of May 2014


Due to the authoritarian nature of the political system in Uzbekistan, the activities of international and national civil society organisations are very limited. Coupled with a lack of official acknowledgement of internal displacement in the country, it is difficult to estimate the number of IDPs in the country.

The military and other authorities forcibly relocated around 3,400 people without prior notice in 2000 and 2001. The government justified this resettlement by stating that the security of these communities was at risk due to local incursions of Islamic militants seeking to overthrow the government and natural hazard-induced disasters (IOM, May 2005; HRW, 2003). 

People were displaced from nine mountainous villages in the Uzun and Saryassiya districts of the Sukhandaria Province to desert-like conditions in Kashkadarya Province more than 200 kilometres away (IOM, May 2005; HRW, 2003). They were prevented from returning home or moving elsewhere in the country. No more recent figures or information is available.

IDMC uses only the most credible accurate information available. Notwithstanding the caveats and limitations of the source information described above, IDMC believes this to be the best data and is grateful to the partners for sharing it.