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“Where can I find safety?” - IDMC analyst provides the latest on displacement in Gaza

Watch IDMC’s statement (23 July 2014):



More information on Gaza

The displacement figures: For the latest analysis on the number of IDPs in Gaza Strip and the rest of Palestine, read our recently updated figures analysis.

The displacement analysis:  With 43% of Gaza’s territory now affected by evacuation warnings or declared “no-go zones” by the Israeli military, the options for shelter for those displaced are greatly reduced. Read IDMC’s and the Palestinian Centre for Human Right (PCHR)’s  research on Gaza for more background on the complexities of the issue , particularly in terms of the Access Restricted Areas imposed by the Israeli military forces on large swathes of the Gaza Strip.


For more information, visit IDMC’s page on Palestine, and follow our analysts on Twitter for real time updates on the situation @Emi_arnaud and @Charron_nrc