Central African Republic

As many as 11,000 people from the town of Bria in Haute Kotto prefecture fled clashes between armed groups on 21 November. The UN special adviser on the prevention of genocide expressed deep concern over the new outbreak of violence in which civilians were targeted based on their ethnicity or religion (UN, 25 November 2016). As of 23 November, about 6,000 people including 4,000 children were staying at the UN mission’s base and about 5,000 at Bria airstrip. The security situation has restricted the provision of humanitarian assistance (OCHA, 25 November 2016).
“Since September 2016, new conflicts have erupted in many locations leading to hundreds of civilian casualties and the new displacement of tens of thousands of people. One in ten Central African Republic (CAR) citizens remains a refugee, the majority in neighbouring Cameroon. However, of the close to one million people who were displaced within the country in early 2014, almost half have returned home. In this regard, [humanitarian coordinator] Fabrizio Hochschild underscored that ‘humanitarian efforts are critical to stabilise the country while its pressing development, political and security needs are addressed’” (OCHA, 28 November 2016).