An estimated 25,000 people were displaced by the second phase of the offensive by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to take Raqqa from ISIL between early December and late January. They were displaced for an average of four days, then returned to their places of origin (UNHCR, 25 January 2017).

Up to 18,000 people displaced from Wadi Barada valley in Rural Damascus by fighting between 23 December and 28 January received permission to return home or evacuate to Idlib (OCHA, 30 January 2017). In addition, about 2,100 opposition fighters and family members were evacuated from Wadi Barada on 29 January. Some IDPs stayed in rural Hama governorate where they had relatives, while most of them went to northern Idlib governorate (UNHCR, 2 February 2017).