About 300 people (including 44 older people and 139 children) were evacuated from the city of Avdiivka in the government-controlled area, west of Donetsk, between 29 January and 7 February. This was as a result of clashes between government and separatist forces, which intensified on 29 January. As of 12 February, 22 of the displaced had returned. About 240 people (including 64 children) were relocated to collective centres in Donetsk city and Khartsyzk, in the non-government controlled area, east of the contact line between 29 January and 13 February. The sharp spike in hostilities subsided somewhat after 3 February but the security situation remained “extremely tense”. Indirect shelling and increasing use of heavy artillery continued to threaten the lives of people living in the conflict area, “with disastrous impact” (OCHA, 13 February).