More than two million people were living in displacement due to conflict across Yemen’s 21 governorates as of November 2016, half of them in Hajjah, Taizz, Amanat Al Asimah and Sana’a. Separately, more than one million people had returned to their homes in 19 governorates by the same date, 68 per cent of them in Aden, Amanat Al Asimah and Taizz. (TFPM, January 2017).

About 18,000 people were displaced by disasters across 15 governorates, also as of November 2016, with 55,000 returnees across seven governorates (TFPM, January 2017).

The Norwegian Refugee Council’s secretary general, Jan Egeland, expressed his grave concern about the situation in the country. “Beyond Syria and Iraq that are full blown wars with a lot of attention, I am worried about… Yemen, that may fall in into the abyss of famine. A kind of biblical famine that we have not seen for many, many years” (NRC, 30 December 2016).