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Political leaders and representatives from humanitarian agencies and civil society organisations from around the globe will convene in Istanbul for the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) on 23 and 24 May 2016.

The summit’s objective is to work towards the political, social and financial decisions required to implement the vision for change the UN secretary general set out in his report One humanity: shared responsibility.

The WHS provides an opportunity to finally recognise internal displacement as a global phenomenon from which few countries are immune, and to take decisions about how to address it in a concerted and coherent way commensurate with its scale and human impacts.

IDMC's activities at the World Humanitarian Summit

The summit convenes shortly after the publication of our 2016 Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID), which identifies 40.8 million people worldwide internally displaced as a result of conflict and violence as of the end of 2015.

It is the highest figure ever recorded, and illustrates the increasingly intractable problem of long-term displacement. It also highlights the inadequacy of current responses at all levels to what is a truly global crisis. The complexities of internal displacement and its seemingly inexorable upward trend require urgent and effective solutions.

We welcome the attention on forced displacement within the WHS, and the recognition that internal displacement is a “complex political and development challenge” that cuts across multiple sectors and time scales.


Below is a list of our activities at the WHS:


Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) papers for the World Humanitarian Summit 

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Agenda of the World Humanitarian Summit (as of 29 April 2016) 

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