Afghanistan: New and long-term IDPs risk becoming neglected as conflict intensifies

At least 948,000 people currently live in internal displacement as a result of conflict and violence in Afghanistan, including 103,000 displaced in the first six months of 2015.

16 July 2015 | Overview

As humanitarian space shrinks, IDP policy must be implemented

Implementation of Afghanistan’s National IDP Policy is critical to addressing the chronic and acute needs of IDPs in a shrinking humanitarian space.

19 June 2014 | Overview

Comprehensive response urgently required as displacement crisis worsens

As international troops prepare to leave , more than half a million Afghans are estimated to be internally displaced

25 March 2013 | Overview


Afghanistan: Durable solutions far from reach amid escalating conflict

More than ten years after the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan´s transition towards peace and stability remains far from complete. Decades of armed conflict, natural disasters and extreme weather have had a devastating effect on Afghan society, causing significant civilian casualties, widespread destruction of property and infrastructure and numerous waves of displacement.

09 April 2012 | Overview


Need to minimise new displacement and increase protection for recently displaced in remote areas

The UN and ICRC have recorded that 730,000 people have been internally displaced in Afghanistan due to conflict since 2006, an average of 400 a day. At the end of January 2011, 309,000 people remained internally displaced due to armed conflict, human rights abuses and other generalised violence. This figure was higher than at any time since 2005.

11 April 2011 | Overview


Armed conflict forces increasing numbers of Afghans to flee their homes

After large, and mostly spontaneous, return movements following the ousting of the Taliban regime in 2002, internal displacement is again on the rise, with new displacements as a result of the intensification of fighting in many regions. The latest estimates indicate that 240,000 persons are currently internally displaced due to armed conflict and insecurity.

15 April 2010 | Overview


Increasing hardship and limited support for growing displaced population

Hundreds of thousands of people in Afghanistan have been internally displaced by armed conflict, ethnic tensions or human rights violations, natural disasters such as drought, or secondary dis-placement in the case of refugees and deportees who have returned from neighbouring countries.

28 October 2008 | Overview


Fighting in the south sets off new displacement

Fierce fighting between NATO troops and insurgents in southern Afghanistan has sent tens of thousands of people fleeing from their homes in a new wave of displacement. Although numbers are unverified, the government said that more than 20,000 families had been displaced due to the fighting in the provinces of Helmand, Kandahar and Uruzgan as of November 2006.

22 December 2006 | Overview


Commitment to development key to return of remaining displaced people

Four years after the fall of the Taleban, an estimated 153,000 people remain displaced in Afghanistan, with the largest concentration in the south of the country near Kandahar.

06 December 2005 | Overview


Afghanistan: Drought and instability slow down IDP return

Nearly three years after the fall of the Taleban, conditions in Afghanistan still do not allow for the return of all the internally displaced people (IDPs). Although undeniable progress has been made in many sectors, for the majority of Afghans living outside Kabul, the last three years have certainly not brought about the changes in their living conditions they had hoped for.

25 October 2004 | Overview


Afghanistan: Return of IDPs constrained by insecurity, land disputes and lack of aid

Persistent insecurity in many areas of the country and disputes related to land and property are major constraints to IDP return. The huge wave of IDPs returning home in 2002 has not been sustained during 2003, mainly because of continued instability, poor economic progress and harsh living conditions. Some 400,000 IDPs returned home in 2002, the majority without any assistance.

03 February 2004 | Overview


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