Profile of Internal Displacement: Afghanistan (October 2001)

Following the September 11 events in the USA, the situation of Afghanistan has taken a new dramatic turn with the civilians yet again paying the highest price. Accused of harboring Osama Ben Laden, the prime suspect of the terrorist attacks, the Taleban are now facing the most serious threat to their regime since they came to power in 1996.

31 October 2001 | Country Profile


Profile of Internal Displacement: Afghanistan (April 2001)

The main cause for conflict-induced displacement in Afghanistan today is the civil war between the Taliban, who control 95% of the country and the Northern Alliance, a multi-ethnic opposition group with a stronghold in the North. Population displacement has also been caused by natural disasters, which occur with alarming regularity. Afghanistan currently faces its worst drought since 1971, affecting all segments of the population.

26 April 2001 | Country Profile


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