Bangladesh: comprehensive response required to complex displacement crisis

In the Chittagong Hill Tracts and elsewhere in Bangladesh, IDPs as a result of conflict, inter-communal violence, disasters, climate change and development projects need assistance and protection.

19 January 2015 | Overview

Progress on internal displacement response needed

Most IDPs who are unable to return home cite a combination of insecurity and a lack of guarantees for political activity as their main obstacles

30 December 2011 | Overview


Indigenous people and religious minorities still affected by displacement

Armed conflict and human rights violations including forced evictions and government policies discriminating against religious minorities have displaced at least tens of thousands of people in Bangladesh.

16 July 2009 | Overview


Bangladesh: Tens of thousands remain internally displaced and unassisted

Large numbers of people have been internally displaced in Bangladesh due to conflict and religious persecution.

21 January 2005 | Overview


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