Boko Haram’s terror ripples through the region

Brutal attacks by militant group Boko Haram have caused massive internal displacement not only within Nigeria but also in neighboring Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

16 April 2015 | Publication

Chad: Regional instability overshadows the fate of remaining IDPs

The situation for Chad's remaining 90,000 internally displaced people remains challenging. The government no longer recognises them as IDPs, and they receive no direct assistance.

24 October 2014 | Overview

Chad: Displacement as of October 2014

This map shows the internal displacement in Chad as of October 2014 as well as regional dynamics.

24 October 2014 | Map

Chad: Internal displacement in brief

Armed conflict, inter-ethnic violence and attacks by criminal groups known as coupeurs de route forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes in Chad between 2006 and 2008.

31 December 2013 | Summary



IDMC's Chad page provides an overview of the latest figures and key concerns facing internally displaced people in the country.

31 July 2012 | Country Page



31 July 2012 | Country Profile Page

Improvements in security allow for the return of some IDPs

Approximately 30% of IDPs are children between the ages of six and 12. Children in IDP camps have had limited access to primary education and no chance of further schooling

22 June 2011 | Overview

National outrage: Violence against internally displaced women and girls in eastern Chad

IDMC examines widespread violence against internally displaced women and girls in Eastern Chad.

01 November 2010 | Publication


Chad: Prevailing insecurity blocking solutions for IDPs

Around 170,000 people were internally displaced in eastern Chad and living in 38 camps in mid-2010, as a result of internal armed conflict, inter-ethnic violence over land and natural resources, and attacks by bandits against civilians. The majority of internally displaced people (IDPs) had little or no means of sustaining themselves, making humanitarian assistance vital. Chad also hosts 270,000 Sudanese refugees in 12 camps along the eastern border with Sudan, and 81,000 Central African refugees in 11 camps along the southern border with CAR.

02 July 2010 | Country Profile


Chad: IDPs in east facing continuing violence and hardship

Around 168,000 people were internally displaced in eastern Chad in September 2009, as a result of conflict and human rights abuses related to tensions between Chad and Sudan, internal armed conflict, and inter-ethnic attacks against civilians. This number had fallen slightly from a 2008 high of 185,000, about one fifth of the population of eastern Chad. A profiling report showed in 2008 that 95 per cent of these internally displaced people (IDPs) were located in the Department of Dar Sila, and that almost 60 per cent were women between the ages of 15 and 40.

21 December 2009 | Country Profile


Internally displaced in Chad: Trapped between civil conflict and Sudan’s Darfur crisis

Over the last two years, an estimated 172,600 people have been internally displaced in the south-eastern regions of Chad bordering Sudan’s Darfur, including more than 120,000 within the last seven months. They have been displaced by a combination of armed conflict between the government and rebel groups, cross-border raids by militias from neighbouring Sudan, and increasing inter-communal violence.

11 July 2007 | Country Profile

Internally displaced in Chad: Trapped between civil conflict and Sudan's Darfur crisis

IDMC recommendations solutions for decades long crisis of forced displacement in East Chad caused by armed conflict, cross-border raids from neighbouring Sudan and spiralling inter-communal violence.

01 July 2007 | Publication


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