Displacement continues despite hopes for peace

Despite the optimism surrounding the peace process in seeking to end a decades-old war, Colombia continues to suffer one of the world’s most dramatic humanitarian emergencies. As one of the countries with the largest populations of internally displaced people worldwide, roughly 300,000 people are internally displaced each year.

14 January 2014 | Overview

Improved government response yet to have impact for IDPs

Colombia’s government has changed its discourse in favour of those who have suffered human rights violations within the country. However, it is yet to translate this into effective action

29 December 2011 | Overview


Property restitution in sight but integration still distant

Threats, assassinations, massacres, forced recruitment, and forced disappearances perpetrated by numerous illegal armed groups, and armed confrontations between these groups and government forces, continue to force Colombians to flee their homes, mostly from rural areas.

05 September 2011 | Overview


Government response improves but still fails to meet needs of growing IDP population

Colombia’s long-standing internal armed conflict and the human rights abuses perpetrated by combatants and illegal armed groups had by 2010 caused the displacement of 3.4 million people according to the government, and over 4.9 million people according to the reliable non-governmental Observatory on Human Rights and Displacement (CODHES).

10 December 2010 | Overview


New displacement continues, response still ineffective

The protracted internal armed conflict in Colombia had to May 2009 displaced almost 3.1 million people according to the government, and over 4.6 million people according to a re-liable non-governmental source.

03 July 2009 | Overview


Rate of new displacement highest in two decades

The protracted internal armed conflict in Colombia had by June 2008 displaced 2,649,139 people according to the government, and 4,361,355 people according to a reliable non-governmental source. An alarming trend of rising internal displacement has been registered since 2006, and the highest rate of displacement in 23 years was recorded in the first semester of 2008.

17 October 2008 | Overview


Colombia: Government response to IDPs under fire as conflict worsens

Displacement has been an endemic feature of the 40-year-long conflict in Colombia, and over three million Colombians have been internally displaced since 1985. The Colombian internal displacement crisis is the world’s worst after Sudan, disproportionately affecting Afro-Colombians and indigenous people, who are among the country’s poorest.

27 May 2005 | Overview


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