Peace and oil dividends fail to benefit remaining IDPs and other vulnerable populations

A quarter of the population were internally displaced during the 1990s by armed conflict in the Pool region between government forces and rebels

25 September 2009 | Overview


IDPs and returnees face lack of support

Four years after a peace agreement brought an end to more than a decade of conflict in the Republic of Congo's Pool region in the south of the country, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), returnees and residents still face considerable humanitarian challenges.

18 April 2007 | Overview


Republic of Congo: After two years of peace, insecurity prevails amid massive rehabilitation needs

Civil conflict hit the Republic of Congo intermittently in the decade after 1992, the year of the first democratic elections. Most of the around 800,000 people who were displaced at the peak of the fighting in 1998 had either returned or settled down in their areas of displacement when hostilities broke out again in March 2002. The renewed fighting sent between 100,000 and 150,000 people fleeing from their homes.

08 April 2005 | Overview


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