Cyprus: Lack of political settlement prevents the displaced from fully enjoying their property rights

More than 30 years after having been displaced, more than 200,000 Greek and Turkish Cypriots still have unresolved issues related to their displacement. While they no longer have humanitarian needs and have largely integrated in the places they have settled, the displaced are still unable to take back possession of the property they left behind, or return to their homes.

18 December 2007 | Country Profile


Profile of Internal Displacement: Cyprus

Close to a quarter of the inhabitants of Cyprus – 210,000 ethnic Greek and Turkish Cypriots – have been internally displaced for over 30 years. This constitutes the longest-standing internal displacement situation in Europe. Unlike the vast majority of protracted displacements in the world though, internally displaced people (IDPs) in Cyprus no longer have pressing humanitarian needs.

27 April 2005 | Country Profile


Profile of Internal Displacement: Cyprus

The crisis of internal displacement in Cyprus is almost 30 years old, the longest-standing in Europe and in the world. However, the situation of IDPs in Cyprus differs radically from other populations caught in protracted displacement, as most humanitarian consequences of the crisis on the displaced population have long been solved.

03 June 2003 | Country Profile


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