Monitoring of conflict, human rights violations and resulting displacement still problematic

Armed conflicts and localised episodes of violence have continued to cause displacement in various areas

20 January 2011 | Overview


Human rights violations and conflicts continue to cause displacement

For decades, Ethiopia has been affected by famine and conflict. In 2009, there have been various reports of internal displacement resulting from conflicts and human rights violations perpetrated by the army and groups opposed to the government.

03 September 2009 | Overview


Government recognition of conflict IDPs crucial to addressing their plight

Internal displacement due to conflict occurs in different parts of Ethiopia. It is caused mainly by ethnic tensions exacerbated by the government’s regionalisation policy along ethnic lines, tight political control from the centre, and widespread resource shortages in a chronically food-insecure country.

26 April 2006 | Overview


Ethiopia: Border war and ethnic clashes leave over 150,000 internally displaced

There is no available official number of people internally displaced by conflict in Ethiopia. This is mainly due to the fact that information on internal displacement provided by the federal government on the one hand and the local authorities on the other is contradictory.

13 May 2005 | Overview


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