Georgia: Tentative return of some of the people who fled August 2008 conflict

Two weeks after military offensives by Georgia and the Russian Federation, thousands of the 150,000 or more ethnic Georgians and Ossetians who had fled the conflict had returned home by 26 August. Ethnic Georgians have so far only been able to return to towns such as Gori, but not to South Ossetia proper.

29 August 2008 | Overview


Georgia: At least 128,000 people internally displaced by renewed conflict

Hundreds of people have been killed and at least 158,000 ethnic Georgians and Ossetians have fled their homes in South Ossetia and Georgia, due to military offensives by Georgia and the Russian Federation over the last week. Among them, 128,000 found refuge in Georgia proper and in South Ossetia, while 30,000 are estimated to have fled to North Ossetia in the Russian Federation.

21 August 2008 | Overview

A Heavy Burden - Internally Displaced in Georgia: Stories from Abkhazia and South Ossetia

This collection of stories from IDPs from Abkhazia and South Ossetia reveals issues that go beyond typical displacement and protection needs and touches on values, issues of identity, feelings and emotions.

01 April 2008 | Publication


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