Violence and inequality still blocking solutions for IDPs

Many of the country’s IDPs have returned or resettled, but they continue to face poverty and new struggles to access land

08 December 2009 | Overview


Twelve years after conflict, few solutions for IDPs or other victims

Almost twelve years after the end of Guatemala’s 36-year civil war in 1996, the merit of con-sidering internally displaced people (IDPs) separately is open to debate. Some claim that the many problems still shared by IDPs and other groups of victims render the category obsolete, but others argue that the number of forcibly displaced people still unable to regain their land or reintegrate elsewhere means the distinction remains important.

12 August 2008 | Overview


Ten years after peace accords, key provisions benefiting the displaced remain unimplemented

The signing of a peace accord in 1996 marked the end of the 36-year-old civil war in Guatemala but not the end of the structural injustices that triggered it. Key commitments, such as the resettlement of the displaced, redistribution of land and compensation for the uprooted people and other victims of the conflict have as of June 2006 only to a very limited degree been implemented.

06 June 2006 | Overview


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