Profile in Internal Displacement: Indonesia and East Timor

With the exception of the province of Aceh, where a military operation has been ongoing since May 2003, and Maluku province where tension remains high after an outbreak of intercommunal violence in April 2004, most of Indonesia's former hot spots have now been in a post-conflict recovery phase for the past two years. The crackdown in Aceh has led to the government effectively sealing off the province to foreign aid workers.

09 July 2004 | Country Profile


Indonesia: Half a million IDPs wait to return, while fighting continues in Aceh

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC), established in 1998 by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), monitors conflict-induced internal displacement worldwide. The Geneva-based Centre runs an online database providing comprehensive and regularly updated information and analysis on internal displacement in more than 50 countries.

09 July 2004 | Overview


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