Profile of Internal Displacement: Iraq (July 2001)

From a security perspective, Iraq has been de facto divided since 1991 in two areas, northern Iraq, under Kurdish administrative control, and the rest of the country, under government control. USCR estimated that about 700,000 persons were internally displaced at the end of 2000, i.e. 600,000 in northern Iraq and about 100,000 in the government-controlled area (USCR 2001, p.179). Due to lack of information, there is however no reliable figure on internal displacement in Iraq.

25 July 2001 | Country Profile


Profile of Internal Displacement: Iraq (February 2001)

There are several causes of internal displacement to and within northern Iraq and today 800,000 persons are considered displaced in the north (USCR 2000, p.187). The most serious cause has been Iraqi government actions.

06 February 2001 | Country Profile


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