Kenya: too early to turn the page on IDPs, more work is needed

IDMC highlights Kenya’s need to support durable solutions for all IDPs, collect comprehensive and updated data on displacement and urgently implement the 2012 IDP Act

03 June 2014 | Overview

IDPs' significant needs remain as inter-communal violence increases

Many assume that the emergency has ended, however there are still humanitarian needs for the IDPs

28 December 2012 | Overview


Speedy reform needed to deal with past injustices and prevent future displacement

In early 2008, an estimated 650,000 Kenyans were displaced and a further 1,300 lost their lives during two months of intense communal violence after the announcement of presidential and parliamentary election results.

10 June 2010 | Overview


No durable solutions for internally displaced yet

Widespread violence following the December 2007 elections, which were marred by accusations of election irregularities, displaced up to 600,000 people in Kenya.

23 December 2008 | Overview


Kenya: Tensions rise as government fails to address internal displacement

When the KANU (Kenya African National Union) government was voted out in December 2002 after almost 40 years in power, around 350,000 remaining internally displaced people (IDPs) regained hopes of returning to the land they had been forced to flee during the 1990s.

30 November 2004 | Overview


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