Reducing displacement risk in the Greater Horn of Africa

This thematic report presents the first baseline for displacement risk associated with sudden-onset disasters in the countries of the Greater Horn of Africa with the ultimate aim of reducing future displacement.

26 September 2017 | Publication

A review of the normative framework in Kenya relating to the protection of IDPs

Kenya has one of the most articulated IDP frameworks in the world, but additional steps may be required for it to become fully operational.

28 August 2015 | Publication

Towards a comprehensive response to internal displacement in Kenya: a roadmap for action

IDMC recommends a series of normative actions for Kenya to complete the work initiated with the adoption of the IDP Act in 2012 and the drafting of the IDP policy.

21 August 2015 | Publication

3 key trends that lie beneath a silent displacement crisis in Kenya’s north-east

In 2014, over 95 per cent of the 220,000 people newly displaced in the country took place in Kenya’s north east. Here, IDMC asks: What has led to this spike in new displacement?

21 May 2015 | Blog Post

Why unresolved land issues lay at the heart of displacement in Kenya’s Coast region

Thousands of people from Kenya’s coastal region face ongoing displacement and forced evictions. A new report explains how unresolved grievances from the past continue to pose major risks for the population today.

03 July 2014 | Blog Post

Can you prevent displacement? IDMC unveils new simulator to show how it's done

IDMC unveils its latest tool to measure pastoralists are at risk of drought-related displacement - and how to prevent it.

17 June 2014 | Blog Post

Kenya: too early to turn the page on IDPs, more work is needed

IDMC highlights Kenya’s need to support durable solutions for all IDPs, collect comprehensive and updated data on displacement and urgently implement the 2012 IDP Act

03 June 2014 | Overview

Assessing drought displacement risk for Kenyan, Ethiopian and Somali pastoralists

IDMC examines how drought and other factors influence the scale, scope and patterns of drought-related displacement of pastoralists in the Horn of Africa.

21 May 2014 | Publication

How can pastoralists become displaced when they lead traditionally mobile lifestyles?

IDMC explains the ‘tipping point’ from which pastoralists fall from voluntary migration into forced displacement

05 March 2014 | Blog Post

On the margin: Kenya’s pastoralists

Conceptual study of internal displacement of pastoralists (case study: Kenya), examining its multi-causality and processes/options for improving their protection and assistance, to move towards durable solutions.

03 March 2014 | Publication

Kenya: Internal displacement in brief

Since its independence, Kenya has experienced numerous waves of internal displacement caused by generalised violence, disasters and development projects.

31 December 2013 | Summary

IDPs' significant needs remain as inter-communal violence increases

Many assume that the emergency has ended, however there are still humanitarian needs for the IDPs

28 December 2012 | Overview

Internal displacement and vulnerability of pastoralist communities in northern Kenya

IDMC investigates the situation faced by displaced pastoralists in Kenya; the causes of their displacement, the legal basis for their protection and the shortcomings in response.

01 October 2012 | Publication



31 July 2012 | Country Profile Page



IDMC's Kenya page provides an overview of the latest figures and key concerns facing internally displaced people in the country.

31 July 2012 | Country Page

Sanctuary in the city?

These studies are part of ongoing work on urban displacement in Nairobi, conducted between 2010 and 2011 to explore the phenomenon of displacement in the urban environment and the implications and challenges it poses for humanitarian action

01 December 2011 | Publication


Kenya: Speedy reform needed to deal with past injustices and prevent future displacement

In early 2008, an estimated 650,000 Kenyans were displaced and a further 1,300 lost their lives during two months of intense communal violence after the announcement of presidential and parliamentary election results.

10 June 2010 | Country Profile


Kenya: No durable solutions for internally displaced yet

Widespread violence following the December 2007 elections, which were marred by accusations of election irregularities, displaced up to 600,000 people in Kenya. Despite government claims that the vast majority of internally displaced people (IDPs) have returned home or been resettled, civil society and media sources report that hundreds of thousands of people remain displaced.

23 December 2008 | Country Profile


CEDAW Submission Kenya 2007

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC), established in 1998 by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), monitors conflict-induced internal displacement worldwide. The Geneva-based Centre runs an online database providing comprehensive and regularly updated information and analysis on internal displacement in more than 50 countries. It contributes to improving national and international capacities to protect and assist the millions of people around the globe who have been displaced within their own country as a result of conflicts or human rights violations.

14 June 2007 | Human Rights Mechanism

‘I am a Refugee in My Own Country’: Conflict-Induced Internal Displacement in Kenya

This report outlines the complex issues around internal displacement in Kenya.

01 December 2006 | Publication

Internal displacement in Kenya

01 November 2005 | Map


Profile of Internal Displacement: Kenya

When the KANU (Kenya African National Union) government was voted out in December 2002 after almost 40 years in power, around 350,000 remaining internally displaced people (IDPs) regained hopes of returning to the land they had been forced to flee during the 1990s. However, the new government has not lived up to expectations that it would resolve the causes of the displacement and resettle or compensate the IDPs.

30 November 2004 | Country Profile


Kenya: Tensions rise as government fails to address internal displacement

When the KANU (Kenya African National Union) government was voted out in December 2002 after almost 40 years in power, around 350,000 remaining internally displaced people (IDPs) regained hopes of returning to the land they had been forced to flee during the 1990s.

30 November 2004 | Overview


Profile of Internal Displacement: Kenya

During the 1990s more than half a million Kenyans were internally displaced because of violence along inter-ethnic lines instigated by the ruling KANU (Kenya African National Union) in response to the introduction of multi-party democracy. By repeatedly attacking tribal groups connected to opposition parties, KANU, which had been in office since independence in 1963, managed to cling to power until being finally voted in December 2002.

06 October 2003 | Country Profile


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