Lebanon: Renewed government attention needed to speed up return of IDPs

The Lebanese civil war of 1975–1990 and Israeli invasions in 1978 and 1982 displaced a total of almost one million people. When the civil war ended in 1990, some 500,000 people remained internally displaced, and Israeli attacks, particularly on south Lebanon, caused further displacement as late as 1996.

27 August 2004 | Overview


Profile of Internal Displacement: Lebanon

No updated reliable survey exists to determine the current number of internally displaced people (IDPs). Estimates range, hugely, between 50,000 and 600,000. According to the Lebanese Ministry of the Displaced, 79,500 people have been able to return since the end of the conflict, excluding returnees to the South and West Bekaa areas.

27 August 2004 | Country Profile


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