Mexico: Internal displacement in brief

Public census results correlated with data on homicides and criminality show a strong causal relationship between violence and internal displacement in Mexico.

31 December 2013 | Summary

Criminal violence and internal displacement in Mexico: evidence, perception and challenges

Video presenting evidence of violence-induced internal displacement in Mexico, the ways in which both society and the government addressed it, and the challenges ahead for Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration.

05 November 2013 | Blog Post


UPR Submission Mexico 2013

Since 2007, Mexico has been confronted with an unprecedented wave of criminal violence, with criminal organizations combatting each other and, to a lesser degree, the State. This violence has had manifold impacts on the civilian population, which were acknowledged in the report of the Working Group on the review of Mexico.

01 November 2013 | Human Rights Mechanism


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