Unresolved property issues and IDP policy hiatus undermine search for durable solutions

A national IDP policy was promulgated in 2007 but has failed to meet its objective to ensure protection and assistance to all people displaced by conflict

11 April 2012 | Overview


Failed implementation of IDP policy leaves many unassisted

More than three years after the government of Nepal and the Maoists ended their ten year conflict, up to 70,000 people displaced by the war remain unable or unwilling to return home. Ongoing political crisis has hampered the peace process and the prospects for reconciliation and durable solutions to displacement.

28 January 2010 | Overview


Sustainability of IDP returns undermined by lack of assistance

More than 18 months after peace agreement between Maoist rebels and the Nepalese government, and estimated 50,000 to 70,000 people displaced by ten years of civil war remain unable to return to their homes. Most are prevented from doing so by unresolved land and property issues, insecurity and a lack of assistance from the government.

18 June 2008 | Overview


IDP return still a trickle despite ceasefire

Nearly six months after nationwide protests forced the king to end 14 months of absolute rule and the Maoists rebels called a ceasefire, only a few thousand people have reportedly returned to their homes, the majority of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) preferring to wait for better security guarantees and more assistance to make the journey home.

16 October 2006 | Overview


Nepal: Displacement crisis worsens in wake of royal coup

Nearly six months after King Gyanendra assumed direct power and declared a state of emergency in February 2005, Nepal is faced with both a deep crisis of governance and a renewed spate of fighting and violence all across the country.

14 July 2005 | Overview


Nepal: Up to 200,000 people displaced by fighting remain largely unassisted

One year after the collapse of a seven-month ceasefire between the monarchy and Maoist rebels in August 2003, Nepal is faced with both a deep crisis of governance and a renewed spate of fighting and violence all across the country.

08 September 2004 | Overview


Nepal: A hidden IDP crisis

A ceasefire agreement signed between the monarchic government and Maoist rebels at the start of 2003, crumbled after peace talks broke down in August and fighting resumed. Since the conflict started in the mid-1990s, hundreds of thousands people have been uprooted across the country.

10 October 2003 | Overview


Nepal: Displaced and ignored

More than 100,000 people have been internally displaced in Nepal in the last two years; but these internally displaced people (IDPs) remain largely unrecognised, receiving little assistance to cope with their displacement.

16 April 2003 | Overview


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