Boko Haram’s terror ripples through the region

Brutal attacks by militant group Boko Haram have caused massive internal displacement not only within Nigeria but also in neighboring Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

16 April 2015 | Publication



IDMC's Niger page provides an overview of the latest figures and key concerns facing internally displaced people in the country.

31 July 2012 | Country Page



31 July 2012 | Country Profile Page

Niger: Internal displacement in brief

Humanitarians have focused efforts on responding to the increasing food insecurity in the country, by targeting vulnerable groups including IDPs

31 December 2011 | Summary

Lull in conflict favours return in the north

Since the conflict between the Nigerien government and Tuareg groups intensified in 2007 following the creation of the Mouvement Nigérien pour la Justice, around 11,000 people have been displaced from their homes in mountainous areas north of Agadez.

08 September 2009 | Overview


Nigeria: Unresolved conflicts cause ongoing displacement

With a complex range of ethnic, religious and linguistic groups competing for access to resources, outbreaks of violence leading to significant situations of short-term internal displacement are frequent in Nigeria. Many internally displaced people (IDPs) seek refuge with family and friends while waiting for the violence to subside so they can return to their homes.

12 December 2008 | Overview


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