Nigeria: multiple displacement crises overshadowed by Boko Haram

In the run-up to 2015 elections, attacks by Boko Haram militants have caused an unprecedented crisis in north-eastern Nigeria, compounding other complex causes of internal displacement such as inter-communal violence and flooding.

09 December 2014 | Overview

Fragmented response to internal displacement amid Boko Haram attacks and flood season

Figures on displacement after larger scale crises suggest that violence and disasters caused by natural hazards have forced a staggering number of people to flee their homes

23 July 2013 | Overview


Nigeria: Increasing violence continues to cause internal displacement

Internal displacement is a common consequence across Nigeria of inter-communal and political violence, flooding and forced evictions. While some of the conflicts appear to be caused by overlapping and mutually reinforcing regional, religious and ethnic divisions, but violence often stems from competition for scarce opportunities and communal resources.

08 June 2012 | Overview


Nigeria: No end to internal displacement

Internal displacement caused by both communal violence and internal armed conflict is a recurrent phenomenon in most states in Nigeria. The parties to the fighting have sought political, economic and social advantages in a country with endemic poverty, low levels of education and a huge and alienated youth population.

19 November 2009 | Overview


Institutional mechanisms fail to address recurrent violence and displacement

Outbreaks of violence leading to significant situations of internal displacement are frequent in Nigeria, with at least 14,000 people killed and hundreds of thousands displaced since military rule ended in 1999. Complex displacement patterns and the marked lack of detailed and consistent data on the scope of the problem consistently aggravate the already poorly coordinated humanitarian response.

29 October 2007 | Overview


Heightened risk of violence and displacement ahead of 2007 elections

Ethno-religious conflict is endemic in Nigeria, with at least 14,000 people killed and hundreds of thousands displaced since military rule ended in 1999. Since internal dis-placement in Nigeria is often short-term, and most IDPs seek refuge with host families, data on the scope of the problem is scarce and no accurate estimates of the current number of IDPs exist.

21 September 2006 | Overview


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