Russian Federation: Internal displacement in brief

At least 34,900 people were still displaced in Russia as of the end of 2013, as a result of armed conflict, human rights violations and generalised violence in North Caucasus.

31 December 2013 | Summary


IDPs increasingly neglected despite continuing needs

More than 14 years after they first fled their homes, at least 29 ,000 people are still internally displaced due to armed conflict and violence in the North Caucasus, and an unknown number of people are still displaced elsewhere in Russia.

14 March 2013 | Overview

IDPs don’t disappear, but the attention paid to them does

IDMC Senior Country Analyst reports on lesser known internal displacement crises Learn about her experiences of the North Caucasus, where thousands of people have been trapped in displacement for over 15 years.

14 March 2013 | Blog Post


CERD Submission Russian Federation 2013

In this submission to the UN’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on Russia, IDMC highlights the need for better data on IDPs and issues they face with freedom of movement, housing and property.

30 January 2013 | Human Rights Mechanism


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