Integration stalled

Limited resources, reduced donor interest and the intractable nature of the Serbia-Kosovo dispute continue to present obstacles to long-term solutions for many IDPs

12 March 2013 | Overview


Ten years after displacement, returns remain stalled but integration prospects improving

In 2008 Kosovo adopted a unilateral declaration of independence (UDI) from Serbia. The United Nations General Assembly subsequently referred the UDI to the International Court of Justice, which issued a July 2010 advisory opinion affirming that it was “in accordance with international law.”

22 December 2010 | Overview


IDPs still seeking housing solutions and documentation to access their rights

In 2008 Kosovo declared independence from Serbia. The United Nations General Assem bly subsequently voted to refer the independence declaration to the International Court of Justice for an advisory opinion. As of December 2009, 64 countries had recognised Kosovo. For the pur-pose of this overview references to the situation in “Serbia” since 2008 do not include Kosovo.

29 December 2009 | Overview


Final status for Kosovo - Towards durable solutions for IDPs or new displacement risk?

After eight years of international administration over Kosovo, the situation of the estimated 227,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) in Serbia and Kosovo is hanging on the resolution of Kosovo’s status. The failure of the United Nations Security Council to adopt the Ahtisaari proposal on the final status of Kosovo has prolonged uncertainty.

10 December 2007 | Overview


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