Somalia: over a million IDPs need support for local solutions

The government has taken an important step towards IDP protection by adopting a national policy on internal displacement, but challenges remain as the country struggles to find peace and stability.

18 March 2015 | Overview

Solutions for IDPs revealed as key for future peace and stability in Somalia

Somalia has witnessed over two decades of conflict, violence, human rights violations and natural disasters, all of which have triggered repeated waves of displacement.

01 October 2013 | Overview

New displacement and worsening humanitarian and protection crisis for IDPs

The famine threatened the lives of many of the 1.5 million people displaced by conflict, with malnutrition rates among IDPs in Mogadishu and Afgoye up to three times the critical emergency threshold

09 December 2011 | Overview


Displacement and worsening humanitarian situation as a result of ongoing violence and conflict

Renewed fighting in Mogadishu and other areas of Somalia since May 2009 has displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians and also exacerbated the already desperate humanitarian situation of existing internally displaced people (IDPs), in particular the children and women among them.

30 July 2010 | Overview


Political and security crises, access limits and donor cuts increasing IDP vulnerability

Political stalemate, security crisis and the continuing conflict in Somalia between the UN-backed coalition government and armed opposition groups continue to expose internally displaced people (IDPs) to violations of their rights under international humanitarian and human rights law.

10 December 2009 | Overview


Security and protection crisis continues despite peace deal

Somalia still faces serious security challenges with far-reaching implications for the civilian population, despite the conclusion of a UN-facilitated peace process that culminated in an agreement between an alliance of opposition parties and the Transitional Federal Govern-ment to establish the Government of National Unity.

20 May 2009 | Overview


Massive displacement and humanitarian need

Through 2007 and 2008, the security and humanitarian situation in Somalia has continued to deteriorate. Fighting between the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces and their Ethiopian allies, and insurgents including the Islamic Courts Union, has led to displacement on a scale never before witnessed in the country. Displacement caused by insecurity and con-flict has continued in and around Mogadishu, with the IDP population reaching 1.1 million.

29 July 2008 | Overview


Massive new displacements as power struggle in Mogadishu flares up again

Since the rout of the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) by Somalia's transitional government and its Ethiopian allies during the last days of 2006, southern Somalia and the capital Mogadishu have slipped gradually back towards the violence and anarchy of recent years.

24 April 2007 | Overview


Somalia: Fear of renewed displacement as rise of Islamists heightens tensions

The take-over by the Islamist Court Union (ICU) of Mogadishu and large parts of Somalia’s centre and south have added a high degree of unpredictability to an already very precarious political situation. The effect on humanitarian activities for over two million vulnerable people, including an estimated 400,000 people internally displaced by drought and conflict remains very uncertain.

02 October 2006 | Overview


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