Need for continued improvement in response to protracted displacement

Prevailing insecurity in the south-east, the continuing presence of village guard militias and of mines, and under-development continue to act as barriers to return for IDPs

26 October 2009 | Overview


Progress on national IDP policy paves way for further reforms

Turkey’s internally displaced people (IDPs) face uncertain prospects as a recent upsurge in violence in the south-eastern provinces threatens to undermine the positive impact of major human rights reforms which have been adopted since Turkey became a candidate for EU membership in 1999.

26 July 2007 | Overview


Turkey: Government takes steps to facilitate return of displaced

Renewed clashes between government forces and Kurdish militants in south-eastern Turkey have raised fears of a return to violence in the two-decade-old conflict which led to the internal displacement of hundreds of thousands of people, most of them Kurds.

07 October 2005 | Overview


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