Profile of Internal Displacement: Russian Federation (October 2002)

Displaced Chechens face mounting pressure to return to their homeland, despite widespread insecurity in the war-torn republic and Russian government promises not to force people back. Some 5,000 people have returned to Chechnya already this year under a new campaign by Chechen, Ingush and Moscow authorities to return all Chechens by the end of 2002. Two tent camps for displaced people have been closed down.

28 October 2002 | Country Profile


Turkey: Profile of Internal Displacement

With a current population estimated at 16 million persons, Kurds constitute the largest ethnic minority in Turkey (26 percent of the total population). Since the origin of the Turkish Republic, the Kurds have been denied any rights as an ethnic minority, and manifestations of Kurdish identity have often been repressed brutally by Turkish authorities.

04 October 2002 | Country Profile


Profile in Internal Displacement: Macedonia

Internal displacement has only been a recent phenomenon in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (hereafter referred to as Macedonia). People only became displaced in the beginning of 2001 when the National Liberation Army (NLA) took up arms to fight for the rights of ethnic Albanian community in Macedonia.

26 August 2002 | Country Profile


Profile of Internal Displacement: Croatia

The number of internally displaced people in Croatia has decreased radically since the armed hostilities between the Croat majority and the Serb minority ended in 1995. In April 2002, the Croatian government reported that only 22,000 persons remain internally displaced.

13 August 2002 | Country Profile


Profile of Internal Displacement: Russian Federation (May 2002)

Existing data suggest that up to 460,000 persons are currently displaced in the Russian Federation as a result of armed conflict and violence in North Caucasus. The exact scope of internal displacement can, however, not be determined with precision. The vast majority of displaced persons have been forced to leave their homes in Chechnya, a region devastated by two conflicts in less than a decade.

29 May 2002 | Country Profile


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