Cyprus: Internal displacement in brief

While the island remains divided and the conflict unresolved, return of IDPs to their original homes remains largely impossible

31 December 2011 | Summary


CESCR Submission Russian Federation 2011

More than 15 years after they first fled their homes, at least 78,000 people were still internally displaced in the North Caucasus in 2010, and an unknown number of people were still displaced elsewhere in the country.

20 May 2011 | Human Rights Mechanism

Unsustainable situation for IDPs and returnees

In June 2010 a brawl in the southern capital of Osh sparked four days of clashes between ethnic Uzbeks and Kyrgyz. Many of the predominantly Uzbek neighbourhoods were looted and burned to the ground, and at least 426 people of both ethnicities were killed.

28 February 2011 | Overview


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