Internally displaced Somalis face uncertain future after years of state collapse

Despite expectations after the installation of a new government, Somalis continue to face an uncertain future after years of state collapse.

01 November 2004 | Publication

Trapped in displacement, Internally Displaced People in the OSCE area

IDMC illuminates the issue of protracted displacement in Europe and Central Asia where three million IDPs still await durable solutions.

01 October 2004 | Publication

Activity Report 2003

IDMC’s (formerly, the Global IDP Project) Activity Report for the year 2003

01 February 2004 | Publication

Appeal 2004 and Future Strategy

IDMC’s (formerly, the Global IDP Project) Appeal for the year 2004.

01 February 2004 | Publication

Internal Displacement: A Global Overview of Trends and Developments in 2003

IDMC’s flagship annual report on the major global and regional developments in internal displacement due to conflict and violence throughout the year – includes both figures and analysis.

01 February 2004 | Publication


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