Turkmenistan: Internal displacement in brief

Information on the extent of internal displacement is limited by total state control on media, curtailed freedom of speech and the near absence of civil society

31 December 2008 | Summary

Congo: Internal displacement in brief

No study of whether former IDPs have achieved durable solutions has been carried out, leaving unanswered the question of whether internal displacement has really ended

31 December 2008 | Summary

FYR Macedonia: Internal displacement in brief

The government has largely supported the right of IDPs to return, but discrimination has continued between the ethnic Macedonian majority and the Albanian minority

31 December 2008 | Summary

Rwanda: Internal displacement in brief

The Rwandan government encourages returns and considers returnees as a vulnerable group, at least in the context of economic development

31 December 2008 | Summary

Angola: Internal displacement in brief

Many IDPs settled in the towns and cities they had originally fled to, hoping to build livelihoods there, and so many of the urban poor are former IDPs living on land that is not theirs

12 December 2008 | Summary

Uzbekistan: Internal displacement in brief

Uzbekistan’s IDPs were forcibly and, in some cases, violently relocated by the army in 2000 and 2001

31 January 2008 | Summary


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