Internal Displacement in the Americas

There were as many as six million IDPs in the Americas as of the end of 2013, forced to flee their homes by war, violence and human rights violations. The vast majority were in Colombia, where the government put their number at nearly 5.5 million.

31 December 2013 | Summary

Kyrgyzstan: Internal displacement in brief

Continued impunity for the crimes committed and a lack of reparation for the victims of the violence continue to constitute significant obstacles to remaining IDPs

31 December 2012 | Summary

Timor-Leste: Internal displacement in brief

The majority of Timor-Leste’s population of just over one million has experienced violent displacement at least once

31 December 2011 | Summary

Guatemala: Internal displacement in brief

The conflict ended in 1996 and left between 500,000 and 1.5 million people internally displaced, with many in the shanty towns of the capital Guatemala City

31 December 2011 | Summary

Cyprus: Internal displacement in brief

While the island remains divided and the conflict unresolved, return of IDPs to their original homes remains largely impossible

31 December 2011 | Summary

Niger: Internal displacement in brief

Humanitarians have focused efforts on responding to the increasing food insecurity in the country, by targeting vulnerable groups including IDPs

31 December 2011 | Summary


Croatia: Internal displacement in brief

The main obstacles to the return of the remaining ethnic Croat IDPs were the limited social services and livelihood opportunities in their places of origin, whereas ethnic Serb IDPs continued to struggle to assert their rights

31 December 2010 | Summary

Laos: Internal displacement in brief

The government has not acknowledged the displacement and denies perpetrating any human rights violations or discriminating against the Hmong in general

31 December 2010 | Summary

Algeria: Internal displacement in brief

Informal settlements have grown significantly in Algiers, Blida, Médéa, Chlef, Tiaret, Sidi Bel Abbes, Relizane and Oran, and host many of those that were displaced

31 December 2010 | Summary

Eritrea: Internal displacement in brief

In 1993, in a referendum supported by Ethiopia, Eritreans voted almost unanimously for independence from Ethiopia.

31 December 2010 | Summary

Israel: Internal displacement in brief

Since the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, various waves of people have been displaced within the country

31 December 2009 | Summary

Turkmenistan: Internal displacement in brief

Information on the extent of internal displacement is limited by total state control on media, curtailed freedom of speech and the near absence of civil society

31 December 2008 | Summary

Congo: Internal displacement in brief

No study of whether former IDPs have achieved durable solutions has been carried out, leaving unanswered the question of whether internal displacement has really ended

31 December 2008 | Summary

FYR Macedonia: Internal displacement in brief

The government has largely supported the right of IDPs to return, but discrimination has continued between the ethnic Macedonian majority and the Albanian minority

31 December 2008 | Summary

Rwanda: Internal displacement in brief

The Rwandan government encourages returns and considers returnees as a vulnerable group, at least in the context of economic development

31 December 2008 | Summary

Angola: Internal displacement in brief

Many IDPs settled in the towns and cities they had originally fled to, hoping to build livelihoods there, and so many of the urban poor are former IDPs living on land that is not theirs

12 December 2008 | Summary

Uzbekistan: Internal displacement in brief

Uzbekistan’s IDPs were forcibly and, in some cases, violently relocated by the army in 2000 and 2001

31 January 2008 | Summary

Togo: Internal displacement in brief

The ongoing shaky political and security situation continues to impede full-scale return

31 December 2005 | Summary

Guinea: Internal displacement in brief

With the return and integration of the majority of people internally displaced following armed incursions from neighbouring Liberia and Sierra Leone in 2000/2001, the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre is no longer actively monitoring the situation in Guinea

17 February 2005 | Summary

Solomon Islands: Internal displacement in brief

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre is no longer actively following the situation in Solomon Islands

31 December 2004 | Summary

Sierra Leone: Internal displacement in brief

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre is no longer actively following the situation in Sierra Leone.

01 October 2004 | Summary

Moldova: Internal displacement in brief

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre is no longer actively following the situation in Moldova

31 December 2003 | Summary

Guinea-Bissau: Internal displacement in brief

Various obstacles have continued to hamper sustainable return and reintegration

31 December 2002 | Summary


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