12 September 2014 | Anne-Kathrin Glatz

Submission to 112th session of the UN Human Rights Committee for October 2014 Sri Lanka review

NGO report submitted by the Norwegian Refugee Council – Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre to the 112th Session of the United Nations Rights Committee for its review of Sri Lanka in October 2014. The report highlights the main issues of concern for IDPs in Sri Lanka today and outlines several recommendations to the government that would help achieve durable solutions. Recommendations include a comprehensive durable solutions assessment of current and former IDPs, greater land access for IDPs who have lost their land including a comprehensive mechanism to deal with conflicting claims to land, ending militarisation of the north and east, which impedes IDPs accessing durable solutions, the adoption and implementation of an IDP policy consistent with international standards, and greater representation of female Tamil speakers in the police force present in the north and east, and investigations into gender based violence towards IDP women and girls. The report further recommends ceasing the surveillance and harassment of human rights defenders and civil society and granting unfettered access to enable assessment of and responses to the needs of IDPs without interference.


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