Sub-Saharan Africa


Internal displacement in Sub-Saharan Africa

There were 12.5 million IDPs in the 21 sub-Saharan countries that IDMC monitors as of the end of 2013, more than a third of the global total. Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Sudan had the largest populations of IDPs in Africa.

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2014 | Publication

Unfinished business: Kenya’s efforts to address displacement and land issues in Coast Region

The report analyses displacement in Kenya’s Coast region, identifies land issues as key triggers and obstacles to durable solutions, and recommends actions to address them.

2014 | Publication

Nigeria: Fleeing Boko Haram's relentless terror

IDMC's latest analysis of displacement by Boko Haram reveals that extreme violence has caused some 250,000 to flee their homes in the last 10 months

2014 | Overview

Kenya: too early to turn the page on IDPs, more work is needed

IDMC highlights Kenya’s need to support durable solutions for all IDPs, collect comprehensive and updated data on displacement and urgently implement the 2012 IDP Act

The Kampala Convention

The Kampala Convention is an historic milestone. The first of its kind in the world, the Kampala Convention is a regional instrument that binds governments to provide legal protection for the rights and well-being of those forced to flee inside their home countries due to conflict, violence, natural disasters, and other human rights abuses.

2014 | Overview

Central African Republic: amid extreme poverty and state fragility, more robust response needed

IDMC highlights the plight of hundreds of thousands of IDPs in CAR who continue to face numerous challenges in enjoying even their basic human rights.

2014 | Map

Newly-displaced Kenyans in 2013

In the absence of reliable comprehensive data on IDP populations across Kenya, conservative estimates of new displacement in 2013 due to inter-communal violence and disasters are represented here.

2014 | Blog Post

Central African Republic: can it get any worse?

The current crisis in the Central African Republic has a tremendous impact on internal displaced people as well as on the economy.

2014 | Overview

Mali: Ongoing pursuit of durable solutions

By April 2014, 137,000 people remained internally displaced in Mali while those returning north faced numerous obstacles to securing a durable solution to their displacement.

2014 | Publication

Assessing drought displacement risk for Kenyan, Ethiopian and Somali pastoralists

IDMC examines how drought and other factors influence the scale, scope and patterns of drought-related displacement of pastoralists in the Horn of Africa.

2014 | Briefing Paper

Central African Republic: complexity of displacement demands nuanced and sustained response

A year after the Séléka seized power in CAR, IDMC takes stock of the mass displacements that followed and maps challenges ahead.

2014 | Briefing Paper

Left behind: IDPs forgotten in Mali’s southern cities

Nearly two years since the onset of the crisis, there are 200,000 IDPs in Mali, of which half have been left behind in southern cities.

Sub-Saharan Africa | Overview

LRA-related displacement in central Africa: an end to the emergency, but not to IDPs' needs

Since the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) first emerged in the 1980s, the group's violence has displaced an estimated 2.5 million people within and across borders in central Africa. Here, a regional analysis of displacement by the LRA

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Blog Post

As DRC ratifies the Kampala Convention, IDMC asks: What difference will it make?

Democratic Republic of the Congo
24 July 2014


Workshop on durable solutions in Mali

23 July 2014


The domino effect: why a wide lens is needed to address displacement in central Africa

Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, Sudan
21 July 2014

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