9 September 2003 |

Profile of Internal Displacement: Angola (September 2003)

Despite a successful ceasefire more than a year ago, and impressive rates of return, conditions for many of Angola’s millions of internally displaced people (IDPs) remain some of the most difficult and vulnerable of any in the world. Since April 2002, when the ceasefire was signed, up until June 2003, almost 2 ½ million internally displaced people (IDPs) returned to their areas of origin. Many more of the remaining 1,4 million IDPs are expected to follow during the course of the year 2003. The majority of the returning and returned IDPs continue to receive assistance at distribution points established in the aftermath of the cease-fire. In spite of the improved humanitarian situation, overall levels of vulnerability are high with continued reports of human rights violations against returning IDPs perpetrated by the authorities. Many of those returning are going home to villages which have been destroyed by fighting, in places with no access to healthcare or education, and land that is unfarmable because of prevalence of landmines.



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