Niger IDP Figures Analysis

As of April 2015, IDMC estimated that 50,000 people were forced to flee their homes in Niger (OCHA, April 2015), due to brutal incursions into Niger by the Islamist armed group Boko Haram from north-eastern Nigeria.


Boko Haram attacks into southern Nigerien territories, notably those in early February 2015 on Bosso and Diffa towns, have forced many to flee within Niger towards the city of Zinder and to scatter across the Diffa region. While UNHCR reported that some had progressively returned to their homes in Diffa, Bosso remained virtually empty (UNHCR, March 2015).

In Diffa, UNHCR and REACH identified over 140 IDP locations, including spontaneous sites and host communities. The IRC continues to monitor population movements. The latest attacks are compelling agencies to withdraw most staff from border areas until the situation has stabilized (IOM, February 2015).

Over the last two years, there has also been a steady increase in refugee influx from north eastern Nigeria into the south eastern region of Diffa from just over 13,000 in mid-2013 to well over 102,000 as of April 2015 (OCHA, April 2015). The slowdown in trade with Nigeria and the limited mobility of seasonal workers due to security has hit household economies and deprived many of their income, undermining their resilience amidst the worsening humanitarian situation (SRP, January 2015). Such pressures have forced many Nigeriens to migrate to other regions within Niger, particularly to urban centres in search of economic opportunities and safety (UNHCR, March 2015).

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