Togo IDP Figures Analysis

As of December 2014, IDMC estimates the number of IDPs in Togo at 10,000 (Government of Togo, 2008), according to the most recent data available.


While the majority of the 10,000-12,000 people internally displaced by the political crisis that erupted in Togo in April 2005 had returned to their homes shortly thereafter – with up to 3,000 still displaced – the ongoing unstable political and security situation continued to impede full-scale return as of late 2005 (OCHA, 20 September 2005).

With no comprehensive tracking system in place it is difficult to give an assessment of the situation of either IDPs or returnees.

"IDMC uses only the most credible accurate information available. Notwithstanding the caveats and limitations of the source information described above, IDMC believes this to be the best data and is grateful to the partners for sharing it."