Risk of future displacement

Average expected number of displacements per year – for sudden-onset hazards:

IDMC uses information about the probability of future hazard scenarios to model displacement risk based on probable housing destruction. Find out how we calculate our metrics here and explore the likelihood of future displacement around the world here.

Latest Figure Analysis for Conflict and Violence

IDMC’s estimate of the total number of IDPs in Chad is based on data from IOM DTM reports. The figure refers primarily to people displaced by the Boko Haram insurgency, mainly concentrated around the Lac region in the west. Despite evidence of new displacements in 2018, IDMC was not able to estimate their number because of the limited monitoring and a lack of published quantitative data collected in 2018.

Download figure analysis for 2018 (PDF, 278 KB)

Download figure analysis for 2017 (PDF, 340 KB)

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