Risk of future displacement

Average expected number of displacements per year – for sudden-onset hazards:

IDMC uses information about the probability of future hazard scenarios to model displacement risk based on probable housing destruction. Find out how we calculate our metrics here and explore the likelihood of future displacement around the world here.

Latest Figure Analysis for Conflict and Violence

IDMC’s estimate of the total number of IDPs in Egypt is primarily based on Human Rights Watch (HRW) reports from 2015 and 2018 which relied on a combination of satellite imagery analysis of housing destruction and interviews with affected families to estimate displacement in North Sinai. IDMC complemented and verified this analysis with additional information obtained from local media sources.

IDMC’s estimate for the number of new displacements in 2018 is based on the most recent HRW report. Given the lack of systematic data collection, the figure is likely to be an underestimate.

Download figure analysis for 2018 (PDF, 270 KB)

Download figure analysis for 2017 (PDF, 393 KB)

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